Information geometry and its applications

Pescara - 1-5 July 2002

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Conference programme

Monday July 1th

09.15-09.30Welcome: A.Morgante, Dean of the School of Economics
              G.Boffi, Head of the Department of Sciences
09.30-10.30Opening Lecture: S.Amari - Information Geometry of Singular Statistical Models
10.30-11.00Coffee break
11.00-11.50K. Fukumizu - Singularities of statistical models: from the estimation viewpoint
11.50-12.40S. Eguchi - Information Geometry of Bregman Divergences
14.30-15.20A. Ohara - Dualistic Differential Geometry on Symmetric Cones and its Applications
15.20-15.50G. Pistone - Recent Results on Exponential Statistical Manifolds
15.50-16.20A. Cena - Christoffel symbols of the alpha-connections on the alpha-bundles over the Exponential Statistical Manifolds.
16.20-16.50Coffee break
16.50-17.40J. Takeuchi - Alpha-parallel prior and its properties
17.40-18.10D. Ghikas - Killing Symmetries in Information Geometry

Tuesday July 2nd

09.30-10.20A. Salvan, L. Pace - The geometric structure of likelihood expansions in the presence of nuisance parameters
10.20-10.50Coffee break
10.50-11.40F. Komaki - Information Geometry of Statistical Prediction
11.40-12.30J.M. Corcuera, F. Giummole' - Simultaneous prediction
14.30-15.20P. Jupp - Yoke Geometry in Parametric Inference
15.20-16.10P. Vos - Dual geometries in statistics
15.10-16.40Coffee break
16.40-17.10J. Zhang - Information Divergence and Convex Analysis
17.10-17.40A. De Sanctis - Exact asymptotics on Zoll surfaces

Wednesday July 3th

09.30-10.20F. Matus - Information Projections and MLE in Exponential Families Revisited
10.20-10.50Coffee break
10.50-11.40S. Ikeda - Information Geometry of Turbo Codes and Low-density Parity-Check Codes
11.40-12.30N. Ay - On the Geometry of Complexity: an Approach to Neural Information Processing
15.45-19.30Visit of Pescara
20.00Conference dinner

Thursday July 4th

09.30-10.20R.F. Streater - Dual structures on a quantum information manifold
10.20-10.50Coffee break
10.50-11.40M. Grasselli - Monotonicity, Duality and Uniqueness of the WYD Metrics
11.40-12.30D.C. Brody - Cone Geometry in Statistical Mechanics
14.30-15.20M.B. Ruskai - Monotone Metrics on Density Matrices
15.20-16.10H. Nagaoka - Quantum Information Geometry and Statistical Inference on Quantum States
16.10-16.40Coffee break
16.40-17.30A. Jencova - Information geometry in the standard representation of matrix spaces
20.00-23.00Conference Dinner

Friday July 5th

09.30-10.20A. Uhlmann - The Bures Distance and its Riemannian Metric
10.20-10.50Coffee break
10.50-11.40H. Hasegawa - On the Dual Geometry of Wigner-Yanase-Dyson Information Quantities
11.40-12.30P. Gibilisco - Some open problems in noncommutative Information Geometry
14.30-15.20L. Hughston - Geometric Aspects of the Quantum State Space
15.20-16.10L. Accardi - Geometrical aspects of quantum circuits
16.10-16.40Coffee break
16.40-17.40Closing Lecture: D. Petz - Covariance and Fisher information in quantum mechanics

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