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Research activities

Main research activities carried out at the Dipartimento di Scienze cover various disciplines of Chemistry, Geology, Computer Science, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Commodity Science.

  • catalyzed oxidation of organics in aqueous phase
  • environmental chemistry
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance applications
  • comparative geology of terrestrial planets
  • geo-stratigraphic evolution of Mars and subsurface modeling for the interpretation of MARSIS and SHARAD radar data
  • geological evolution of Venus and Mercury
  • reconstruction of Quaternary depositional systems on North Africa
  • paleoclimatic monitoring of arid zones using remote sensing data
  • mass extinctions and climatic changes in the Devonian sequences of the Carnic Alps
  • development of a miniaturised x-ray diffractometer for the in situ mineralogical analyses of planetary surfaces
    Computer Science
  • analysis and verification of logic and concurrent programs
  • soft constraints solving and programming, security protocols
  • logic programming, Indexed Categories and Bottom-Up Semantics of Logic Programs
  • Hybrid logics, Query processing for XML, Representation and reasoning about time granularity
  • Metaheuristics, Integration of Metaheuristics and Constraint Programming, Complex networks and combinatorial optimization
    Mathematics and Applied Mathematic
  • Efficient methods to study ideals generated by polynomials. Algebraic theory of hypercharts. Ad-nilpotent ideals of Borel subalgebras.
  • Special structures and deformations on parallelizable varieties.
  • Variational and topological methods for the study of non-linear phenomena. Problems in harmonic analysis. Operator algebras and applications.
  • Diffusion approximation for transport models with scattering on the boundary. Filtering and optimal stochastic control problems for pure jump processes. Optimal stopping problems for Markov processes. Derivative pricing with stochastic volatility.
  • Envy-freeness in fair division problems. Graph theory.
  • Semi-Markov models and applications to actuarial, financial and biomedical sciences.
    Commodity Science
  • analyses of antioxidant and aromatic compounds of food
  • diffusion of trace elements in the environment and in the food chain
  • distribution and measurements of trace metals on biological substrata