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Papers - Locally conformal Kaehler reduction
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We define reduction of locally conformal Kähler manifolds, considered as conformal Hermitian manifolds, and we show its equivalence with an unpublished construction given by Biquard and Gauduchon. We show the compatibility between this reduction and Kähler reduction of the universal cover. By a recent result of Kamishima and Ornea, in the Vaisman case (that is, when a metric in the conformal class has parallel Lee form) if the manifold is compact its universal cover comes equipped with the structure of Kähler cone over a Sasaki compact manifold. We show the compatibility between our reduction and Sasaki reduction, hence describing a subgroup of automorphisms whose action causes reduction to bear a Vaisman structure. Then we apply this theory to construct a wide class of Vaisman manifolds.