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Papers - Hermitian and special structures on products of spheres
This is my PhD thesis, discussed on 2001, April 27th, at University of Pisa, Italy.

In the first chapter I describe a family of locally conformal Kähler metrics on class 1 Hopf surfaces, and study in details a 2-dimensional foliation arising from this family.
In the remaining chapters, I start from a classical theorem of Kervaire stating that products of spheres are parallelizable if and only if at least one of the factors has odd dimension to give explicit parallelizations, and then use these parallelizations to obtain G-structures on Sm×Sn, where G=U(m+n)/2, Sp(m+n)/4, G2, Spin(7), Spin(9). In particular, it is shown that Calabi-Eckmann Hermitian structures on products of two odd-dimensional spheres are invariant with respect to these parallelizations.